Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Almar?
A: We are a unique credit management company that has developed a proven system to turn Accounts Receivables from delinquent status into positive cash flow. We do this without irritating your customer. It is called: The Almar Consistent Cash Flow System™.
Are you a Factor?
A: No.
Are you a Collection Agency?
A: No.
Is this like Factoring?
A: NO. We are not in the loan business. Our Consistent Cash Flow System™ is based on a reasonable monthly fee, which will actually increase your profits, because your cash comes in faster and it eliminates any interest costs or extra fees associated with factoring. Click here to learn how factoring can destroy your business.
How is Almar different?
A: First and foremost, we are NOT a collection agency. We know how to get the money and keep the customer happy because we understand that customers are hard to come by and need to be kept content. Many of the problems require on-going communications to be resolved. We listen to what your customers say.
What do I need to learn?
A: Nothing! All you do is send us copies of your receivables and we make sure you have Consistent Cash Flow.
Will my customers know who is calling?
A: NO! We will appear to your customers as part of your accounting department, not a collection agency. We do not want to embarrass your customers by letting them think they are "deadbeats" that need to be forwarded to a collection agency. And we do not irritate or upset them.
I have special customers...prefer you do not contact them?
A: No problem. Just give us those customer names and we will stay away from them and let you handle those "unique situations."
What size / industry do you service?
A: We enjoy working with all industries from startups to companies billing up to approximately $7 million annually.
Cost for services?
A: Your costs are based on the number of active customers. Contact us for a FREE consultation.
Main reason to use Almar and the Consistent Cash Flow System?
A: We have the following expertise:
  • Reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to the mid 40s or low 50s (on Net 30 terms)
  • Ability to keep your customers happy even after paying delinquent invoices
  • Increase and maintain your cash flow and possibly reduce your bank borrowing
  • We are able to deal with your customers better because we learn their paying habits
  • Your customers see us as part of your accounting department, not as an outsource company
  • We smoothly interface with your current accounting procedures and software.
What is the Next Step?
A: We first begin with a "get acquainted" meeting. Based on that meeting, we then give you a firm quote for our professional services. You should start seeing results in 30 days or sooner after an agreement is made.